WordPress Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step

Wordpress Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step 2015 - Video

Congratulations! You have found the most comprehensive, free WordPress Tutorial on the internet! I created this step by step guide for absolute beginners. No technical knowledge is required!

What’s in this WordPress Tutorial?

I will show you step by step how to start a blog and create a website from scratch using WordPress software. Specifically, I will show you the following:

  • How to Choose a Good Topic
  • How to Choose a Great Domain Name
  • How to Choose an Awesome Web Hosting Provider
  • How to Install and Configure the WordPress Blogging Software
  • How to setup a WordPress Theme
  • How to Create Blog Posts That will be Loved by Google
  • How to Promote your Blog
  • How to Make Money with your Blog (Blog Monetization)

How is this Tutorial Different?

There are many WordPress tutorials available that will show you how to start a blog.  Most of them simply show you how to sign up for services and install the blogging software.  This guide is different because I will show you how to create a fully customized and functioning site. Once you have complete this tutorial, you will have a finished site that you can brag about, not an empty shell that you will abandon later.

Another reason this guide is different is that it contains easy to follow WordPress tutorial videos. Not only do you see the steps presented on this page, you can also see me perform the actual steps.

Why Should I Start a Blog in the First Place?

Below is a list of possible uses for a blog. Don’t worry if the blog topic you have in mind isn’t listed. If you believe that a lot of people will be interested in your topic, feel free to start a blog on the subject.

  • Promotion sites for Business Owners and Consultants
  • Marketing sites for Writers, Authors, and E-Book Sellers
  • Companion websites for YouTube Stars and Social Media Darlings
  • Self-Promotion and Networking for Professionals and Industry Experts
  • Official Websites for Celebrities, Athletes, and Other Public Figures
  • Fan Sites for Sports Teams, Celebrities, Video Games, etc.
  • Review sites for gadgets, apps, and games.
  • Niche websites developed for the sole purpose of making money. :-)

Can My Blog Really Make Money?

Yes! Making money with your blog isn’t hard if you are willing to do what is known to work. Here are three basic elements to creating a blog that makes money:

  1. Create great, unique content related to hot topics, using the best known practices.
  2. Ensure that your articles and website are optimized for search engines.
  3. Promote your website.

I will give you tips on how to accomplish each of these tasks. Depending on the amount of effort your are willing to put into your blog, you can make anywhere from a few hundred bucks a month to a few thousand bucks a month. If your blog really takes off, you can write full time and leave your day job!

Do I Need to Have Technical Skills to Use This Guide?

Absolutely not! All you need is a computer, internet access, and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). This WordPress tutorial provides clear, easy to follow instructions for starting a blog quickly and painlessly.

How Long Will it Take to Start a Blog?

Once you have decided on the topic and the domain name you will use, the setup process can take an hour or less. Customizing the look of the website and adding your first articles can take a day or two. Most people will be able to create a fully functioning website in just two days, making this a perfect weekend project!

I’m Ready to Start the WordPress Tutorial.
What’s the First Step?

You have made an excellent decision, my friend! Click Here to get started.

If at anytime you get stuck or need help, visit our support page.

How to Choose a Good Topic

You may already have a topic or niche that you plan to write about.  If not, here are some pointers on how to choose a blog topic:

  1. Choose a topic that you already have knowledge of, or are very interested in.  If you are already an expert on the topic, this will add credibility to your content.  If you are passionate about the subject, you will have an easier time expanding your knowledge about the topic, which will make it easier to write about it.
  2. Choose a topic that is current, popular, and/or cutting edge.  This way you know people are currently searching for the content you plan to write.
  3. Blog about a topic related to your business or profession.  Own a marketing business? Blog about trends in the marketing industry and connect with potential clients and partners.  Are you a handyman?  Blog about your own do-it-yourself projects to attract customers interested in the same projects.  Are you a computer programmer?  Demonstrate your expertise to potential employers by blogging about related technologies.
  4. Consider not choosing a topic that is obscure or obsolete.  Know a lot about Sky Pagers?  That’s great but this is probably not a great topic for a new blog.
  5. Consider not blogging about a topic that is already saturated.  Creating a blog about iPhones is probably not a good idea unless you have a unique twist.

How to Choose a Great Domain Name

A domain name is the internet address of your website. It’s what people type into their browsers to visit your site.  Your domain name is also displayed in search results when people search for the topics you write about.  It’s important that you choose a good domain name as it can significantly help or hurt the chances of your blog’s success.  Here are some quick tips on how to choose a domain name:

  1. The domain name should contain a few of your main keywords.  For instance, if your site is about cooking, consider domain names such as GeorgiaHomeCooking.com or CookLikeBob.com.
  2. Preferably, the domain name should be catchy and easy to remember.  The domain CookLikeBob.com is likely better than RobertPMorrisCookingWebsiteForGuys.com
  3. Domain names should be easy to spell to make word-of-mouth marketing easier. Thus, CookLikeBob.com is better than Bobs365Recipes4u.com.
  4. The domain name should be unique to avoid confusion with other sites.  Consider not using CookLikeBob.com if there is an existing CookLikeBobby.com website.
  5. Select a “.com” domain name where possible, as people tend to assume a domain ends in .com.  Domain extensions “.net” and “.org” are fine as long as the “.com” version of your site is not a strong competitor.  That is, don’t get CookLikeBob.net if the cooking site CookLikeBob.com already exists.  Consider not using other domain extensions unless you really know what you are doing.
  6. Consider a domain name that can also be a good brand.  The domain CookLikeBob.com easily conveys what the site is about, contains the keyword “cook”, and would be easy to remember.

How to Choose an Awesome Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting is a service that makes websites available on the Internet.  In order for your new blog to be available on the web, you will need to enlist the services of a good Web Hosting Provider. To help you choose an appropriate service for your specific needs, please see the web hosting survey below.

“I want good web hosting at the cheapest price possible.”

Inexpensive web hosting requires what is known as a Shared Hosting account. With shared hosting, hundreds  (in some cases, thousands) of websites are stored on a single web server.  This allows web hosts to offer very cheap prices because a large number of customers share only a few resources. This level of sharing often leads to slow websites and downtime. Thus you should only consider a shared hosting service that is actively monitored and maintained.

Here are the only cheap shared hosting services I recommend:

✔ Interserver: My value pick at the moment is Interserver. What I like about them the most is the low up front costs. You can sign up for shared hosting or for VPS hosting for only a penny! You can then continue to pay on a monthly basis. Interserver offers some of the lowest prices available.  I haven’t been using them for long but hings have been good so far. I will post a review of their service after I’ve tested it a bit more.

✔ Bluehost: Another great option for shared hosting is Bluehost. They are the number one recommended host by WordPress.org. Bluehost features unlimited bandwidth, an easy to use control panel, and 1-click WordPress installations. While not as fast as SiteGround, Bluehost should satisfy more users that are just starting out. Click here to sign up for a Bluehost account.

Cheap shared hosting is a good option for low traffic, non-mission critical websites. If you expect your blog to have a lot of traffic initially, consider a hosting option in the next section.

“I want hosting that will be fast and reliable for a high traffic blog.”

Cheap shared hosting is a good option for low traffic, non-mission critical websites. If you expect your blog to have a lot of traffic initially, or if reliability isconsider a hosting option that has fewer customers sharing the same resources.

The hosts below

✔ SiteGround: Of all of the shared hosting services I’ve tested, SiteGround offers the best combination of speed, reliability, and support. They don’t overload there web servers like most shared hosting providers. They also provide very fast technical support.  Their shared hosting plans are a tad more expensive than Interserver and Bluehost plans (I recommend SiteGround’s GrowBig plan). However, I think the speed and customer support are well worth the little extra cost. Sign up for a SiteGround account and save 60% off via this link.

✔ Media Temple : My favorite option for dedicated WordPress hosting is Media Temple. Customers enjoy fast websites, simplified WordPress setup, automatic WordPress updates, daily backups, and 24/7 expert support. Their entry level Personal plan is fine for most users. You can easily move up to other plans whenever you need to. Click here and sign up for a Media Temple account. Use coupon code QSAVEBIG and get 25% off.

I want web hosting that allows hands-on management and customization.

How to Install and Configure the WordPress Blogging Software

How to Create Blog Posts That will be Loved by Google

How to Promote your Blog

How to Make Money with your Blog (Blog Monetization)

How to Download and Setup a Free WordPress Theme

Here are the steps for setting up a WordPress Theme.